The Chiwong Monastery Sangey Trust (CMST)

ImageAfter the death of Sangey Lama, his grandson, the late Tsering Tenzing Lama, maintained the monastery and provided grain allowance to the monks, for about six decades. He endowed a large portion of his family’s land for this purpose, but government land reforms eventually reduced the land considerably. In 2000, the monastery was given to the local Sherpa community to preserve, and the Chiwong Monastery Sangey Trust was born. A committee board was formed, and the Trust is now registered with the government of Nepal with the following objectives.


  • To rehabilitate and restore the monastery.
  • To support monastic life by providing food allowance for at least 20 resident monks.
  • To upgrade the existing Tibetan Buddhist School for children, by including Nepali, English, math and science as compulsory subjects.
  • To build 20 individual houses, for resident monks joining the monastic community.
  • To build public restrooms for pilgrims to Mani Rimdu, and visitors.
  • To establish a handicraft center for income generation activities.
  • To introduce wood fuel efficiency chulos (stoves), to preserve and protect the local forests.
  • To create a retreat center for the visiting Lamas, monks and guests.
  • To electrify the Chiwong village from the public electrical supply.
  • To construct a camping area for visitors and trekkers.

The achievement of these objectives, depend upon the active support and concern of the local Sherpa community, the international Buddhist community, as well as individual donors. Therefore, Chiwong Monastery Sangey Trust, would like to invite all organizations and individuals to contribute in whatever way possible, to help us preserve the monastery for future generations.

Board of Trustees 2009-2013
Chiwong Monastery Sangey Trust
Board of Trustees
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Chiwong Monastery Sangey Trust
Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees 2000-2004
Chiwong Monastery Sangey Trust
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