The following progress has been made since the formation of the Chiwong Monastery Sangey Trust (CMST).

School Building and Hostel
A building that was constructed for the Tibetan refugees in 1960, was renovated and converted into a school and hostel in 2006-2007.

The monastery was electrified with a large solar power system in 1999 by Dennis Ramsey, who maintains the system so that it has provided all of Chiwong's residents with non-stop solar electric lighting for 10 years. See his film “Sun Horse” about the electrification project at

Scholarship for Poor Students
The INGO, CUNINA Belgium, is currently providing scholarships for 20 impoverished students, allowing them to recieve an education at the school.

Quarter for Resident Monks
Quarters with kitchen and toilet facilities for 10 resident monks, were constructed in 2005-2006.

Repair & Maintenance
Minor repair and maintenance was done, including painting in the walls of the visitors gallery in 2006-2007.

Food Allowance for Resident Monks
Food is being provided for 13 resident monks from the fund. The trust is committed to increasing the number of resident monks to 25, by the year 2013.

Sheds for Temporary Restaurants
Ten sheds with kitchen's were constructed. They are rented for income generation for the monastery, and allow ten temporary restaurants to operate during the Mani Rimdu festival.

Construction of Toilet Facilities
Rest rooms were constructed for monks, as well as for public use during the Mani Rimdu festival.
Future Plans

Guest House
By 2013, we plan to develop and construct a 20 room guest house, retreat center, and a camp site.

Increase of Resident Monks
By 2013, we are committed to increasing the number of resident monks to 20.

Mani Rimdu Festival Fund
This newly established fund is created to finance the annual Mani Rimdu festival at the Chiwong Monastery. This sacred ceremony was brought to the monastery over 40 years ago by Ven. Trulshig Rinpoche and costs nearly $4000 US dollars. Please contact us if you or your organization would like to contribute to this fund.

Master Plan for Rehabilitation & Maintenance of Chiwong Monastery
With the support of Mr. Christopher Giercke, a master plan for the rehabilitation & maintenance of Chiwong Monastery, was prepared in 1993 by architect John Sandy. Mr. Giercke has agreed to finance an update of this plan, and renovation will be done as per the master plan.

Quarter for Resident Monks
We plan to construct quarters for 10 additional resident monks.